Natural Foods – Fat Loss Program

It’s about metabolic efficiency, not counting calories, starvation or restriction! This eight-week program will teach you how to eat well and change your body composition with a long-term and sustainable approach. Perfect for couples and families, and ideal if you are ready to break the dieting cycle once and for all.

  • Your initial consultation & Health Assessment (60 minutes)
  • A fully personalised nutrition program including real food education, supplementation advice, and metabolic regulation specific recipes
    Exercise / training advice and plan for gym or home workouts.
  • Four follow up consultations (30 minutes) on a fortnightly basis; and Email / online support for your program duration (8 weeks).
  • Available Face-to-Face, via Skype or phone.

When you make HEALTH your number one priority, the rest comes naturally. Let me show you how!

Natural Foods – Fat Loss Program – 8 WEEKS